Client Summary

One of the fastest growing Consultant active in the field of development of castings,forgings,Cutting Tool,Fixures,Gauges,Prototype Part Development,Man power services,skilled and unskilled labors,vehicles teat down activity,bench marking,reverse engineering,value engineering & cost reduction.vehicles rental for benchmarking,skilled manpower for vehicle validation & testing.

Wire Frame Design

After understanding Client requirments we creats wire frame structure and defines the elements positions.

Defines the structure where and how we can place content. Desides the visual element which suits content type like banner,list view,accordian view etc.

On this phase we also decides the font family for website.

UI Element

Console Infotech created a comprehensive user interface,typographic hirearchy,custom form elements,robust library of illustrations.custom developed icons and images.these all elements worked together and provided emeritousengineering a solid foundation to further develop the site's content.

Responsive Design

Console Infotech developes all the website responsive,no matters which device users is using.

Mobile First,

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