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About Project

Service Ganga is a online portal for photography service providers. There are different type of photography services like Wedding Photography, Birthday Photography, Event Photography,Product Photography etc. Service Ganga provides a list of best photographers in your area for all type of photography services.

In the digital world every one uses digital invitations for all type of events like wedding, birthday. Service Ganga provides single page website for invitation purpose. User's just need to select templates from template gallery and update content and images and it is ready to publish within five minuts.

Service Ganga is developed by Console Infotech as a first product.

Our Strategy

Before starting development of actual project we did market analysis and found out some pros and cons for service ganga development idea. We found that there are so many sites already available who provides list of photographers. Then we decided to add more details of photographers and now we are providing a single web page website for photographers where on single page users will get all the details of photographers like portfolio, customers reviews, happy customers, packages for the services they provides, any social media links etc.

UI Styleguide

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Shape design

Custom Form Design

Technology Used

Service Ganga provides a dynamic panel were photographers can maintain their profile page. Site loading time, better visualization purpose, greater experience for end users who searches for photographers - considering all these points we have used strong technology platform

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