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Heal Nature

About Project

Heal Nature Enterprises is based in PUNE city. We are a professional manufacturers of paper bag products and we use best quality and 100% food grade quality paper.Our consistently working team ensures to deliver a quality product to keep your business reputation intact.All our paper bag products have quality standards and also meet the FDA standards. Our existing customers elect us for the best quality products along with printing.

Our Strategy

1) Before starting development of actual project we did market analysis.
2) Designed wireframe and shared with client and as per their inputs recursively we designed and finalized structure.
3) After finalizing wirefame we started working on visuals as per the wireframe. Decided color combinations, designed bag shapes

UI Styleguide

  • H1 header style

  • H2 header style

  • H3 header style

  • H4 header style

  • H5 header style
  • H6 header style

Shape design

Custom Form Design

Technology Used

Designed and developed as per the W3C Standards.

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