Web Design & UI

Why is the Apple website so easy to navigate? Or why is WhatsApp so easily usable across target groups? It is because of a well-designed User Interface (UI). Our research allows us to design & adapt interaction principles that the users are comfortable with. We focus upon each element of the visual design, whether images, content, or buttons, to ensure a seamless integration with the designed UX. We have managed to achieve high page ranks because of the seamlessness and heightened usability on our platforms.

  • Gather Requirements

    To minimize design iterations at the evaluation stage, clearly understanding needs & goals of web design project is crucial. That's why we pay special heed on gathering project requirements and proactively inquire about the areas that clients may miss up-front.

  • Do a Trend Check

    Once we have the initial inputs, we take time to research the niche/industry to understand the target audience, thus to realize client's requirement first-hand. This enables us to decide which design standards and technology should be used for optimum results.

  • Create Wireframes

    After visualizing the end result from client's view-point, we brainstorm to design UX focused wireframes, lay a strong foundation for the actual designing process, and
    use best wireframe tools to
    save valuable time.

  • Bringing Design Alive

    As soon as our proficient web designers get their hands on final wireframes, they quickly start bringing the design alive with HTML-CSS – ensuring optimum implementation of colors, shapes, animation, and other design elements in the process.

  • Performance Check

    Once the design is ready, we take it through rigorous rounds of user acceptance & compatibility testing in the real world scenario until we are sure the design will gel up well with end users and run seamlessly on different devices.

  • Going Live

    After the testing work & design iterations are done, and the desired website design is achieved, we deploy it (considering everything is sound on the development/functionality end as well), transfer files to client's server; and the website is live.


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